No post today

I was going to do my very last 26-Week Book Challenge today, but I just got a phonecall from my mother to tell me that one of the victims of the plane that was shot down last week was the daughter of their neighbours.

I barely knew her – she was 15 years older than me, and the last time I saw her will have been when both she and I still lived next to each other, so we’re probably talking more than 30 years ago, but still.

That was someone I knew.

I’d been wondering whether I would. Out of all the passengers on that plane, 193 were Dutch. I’ve had a quick look at all the other names, and it appears I don’t know anyone else. Part of me is glad that this was my closest acquaintance on that plane, but that’s kind of a horrible thought to have.

I’m not going to turn this into a political post, and as an atheist I won’t ask anyone to pray for the victims, but the fact is that after that news I just can’t concentrate on something as mundane as a post about what books I do and don’t like.

See you next week.

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