Review: The Christmas Exhibition – V T Vaughn

  • Title: The Christmas Exhibition
  • Author: V T Vaughn
  • Genre: Erotica
  • Why: Random buy
  • Rating: 1 Star

Description: “Do you think it’s possible to want to fuck someone you don’t even like?” With those words, Matt knew Jill was interested in having sex with someone else.

A stand alone story of sexy suspicion and sinful confession featuring Matt and Jill, the couple from The Uncertain Cuckold series.

As Jill is out on her work’s Christmas dinner, Matt waits for her to return. His jealousy and his imagination wreak havoc the longer she stays out, but nothing compares to the enthralling truth Jill reveals upon her return.

Confessions breed consequences, as Jill discovers when she wishes to keep her working life and her private life apart. Young Matt is adamant he will be attending the office party, the following week, in Jill’s place of work

Jill’s devastation and darkness entangle as one. She is forced to either ignore or embrace, unwrapping her own fantasies of control, of dominance and of exhibition.

Review: Whether you like this book will probably depend entirely on whether you like the author’s writing style, and I’m sorry to say that I didn’t. To me it felt too overwrought and over the top for me to be able to get lost in the book and its characters.

To start with, there was an over-use of split sentences, such as this one:

“You…” I moved towards her. “Look…” I reached out, slipping one hand to her waist. “Absolutely…” The other around the back of her head. “Amazing.”

The author also seems to be incredibly fond of alliteration:

The sultry sound of the song permeated my ears, drowning the dizziness of my darkness in a world of possibilities and perversion.

The entire book is littered with such examples, and for me it was far too contrived to enjoy it. Added to that, the book started with the most bi-polar sex scene I’ve ever come across, where Matt keeps flipping from arousal to disgust and back to arousal again, and none of it made sense to me.

The book is short, which is the main reason why I finished it, but while I’m sure there are plenty of people who will love it, I wasn’t one of them. I’ll leave you with one last sentence:

My loins were littered with jealous cogs, turning and twisting as control and dominance were acquiesced as sacrificial lambs to her flirtatious, sexual persuasion.

If you like your books full of lines like that, you’ll love this one. It just wasn’t for me.


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