Happy New Year!

Well, I’ve been away to visit my family since Christmas Eve and have only just returned, so I appear to have missed most of the ‘2013 in review’ posts from other people. Not just that, I haven’t been able to post one for myself either. I may yet, though I doubt it’ll be earth-shattering, but it certainly won’t happen tonight. I have spent 8 hours in the car today (though I wasn’t the one driving, thankfully) and the only thing I intend to do tonight is veg out and fuss my cats, two of which had never before had to deal with us going on holiday without leaving anyone living in the house to look after them. Loki seems quite reluctant to let us out of his sight so far.

What I do want to mention quickly in passing because it’s pretty cool is that I got runner-up in one of Fantasy Review Barn‘s Barney awards. Which one? Oh, only the Hottest and Most Drool-Worthy Love-Interest. I’m pretty chuffed with that one!

So, Happy New Year everyone, I wish you all a lot of fantastic reading in 2014.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. tktrian

    Congrats for the nomination! Well-deserved, although Team Trian is yet to finish The Conspiracy, but so far it seems you have a quite unconventional romance hero there.

    Happy New Year 2014!


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