Read Tuesday – Discounted books!

Tomorrow is Read Tuesday, an initiative where indie writers offer their books at a discount in order to get people reading. I am participating in this event, and both my books have been discounted to $0.99 today, tomorrow and Wednesday.

The Ritual:

The Conspiracy:

For the full catalogue of discounted books, go visit the Read Tuesday webpage. The link to the full catalogue is at the top, my books are under the Mature category.


One thought on “Read Tuesday – Discounted books!

  1. Tina Williams

    Reblogged this on areadersreviewblog and commented:
    Today it is the READ TUESDAY event, where lots of indie authors from around the globe are discounting their books. One such author Erica Dakin is featuring her fantasy novels (for mature audiences), The Ritual and The Conspiracy in her Theft and Sorcery Trilogy. There are also hundreds of other authors discounting their books in a range of genres, including fiction and non fiction. Don’t delay if you want a peek as some discounts are available for the day only and may be linked to different time zones. Tina 🙂


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