A Shire Romance – Aftermath

Last week I posted the Epilogue of my Tolkien crossover fanfic A Shire Romance, and with that it was finished. As the blurb for it says, this was the very first novel I actually completed (I’ve written craploads of unfinished stuff before it), and while I know it has shedloads of flaws, as a story in itself I quite like it, hence my decision to post it in episode format.

In all it took thirty-two weeks, with each part consisting of anywhere between 1500 and 3000 words. When I originally wrote it, it had no chapters. I wrote it Pratchett style, so the episodes on my blog were chosen at random, wherever I felt there was a natural break in the story.

I edited the original story as I prepped each weekly episode, though it was very much a ‘change the wording here and there’ kind of edit rather than a ‘let’s rewrite the story altogether and make it better as you go along’. If I’d had more time then I might have done the latter, but I have a full-time job and plenty of other things to keep me occupied in my spare time (not the least writing my third proper novel), so I didn’t really want to spend hours and hours on polishing a story which I can never properly publish anyway due to copyright issues.

With all that in mind, I would love to hear feedback from readers, if there were any who have actually followed the story all the way through. I’m mainly interested in what you thought of the characterisation – I know the writing itself has been very rough and ready, so I’m fully aware that I could have done with fewer adverbs, and that I committed a mortal sin by having Tamsyn look into a reflective window and describe what she looked like. Believe me, I have learned an awful lot from writing that story and from the feedback I received from other readers, and I would like to assure any readers that my published works are better than this. Still flawed, but much better.

I would also like to know whether people liked the story enough to be interested in further stories centred around Tamsyn and Perry. When I finished A Shire Romance I had lots of stories still floating around in my head, and I wrote a full anthology of short stories. Some focused on Perry’s siblings (I called them ‘character studies’), some were purely erotic and some just took a single idea and ran with it. My personal opinion is that some of these stories are weak, and others are far stronger than the original material. I intend to serialise them all as well at some point, but many require a lot of editing, and in any case I would definitely like to know whether anyone would read them if I did post them.

In short – all feedback appreciated. Please, let me know what you thought.

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