Sassy Girl Swoony God Challenge #4

Well, after the vaguely manky charcoal effort of last week’s tattoo design, this week was only ever going to be easier. Here’s this week’s challenge:

So I have to pick two actors to play Sophie and Kai in the upcoming blockbuster movie for My Ex from Hell.

This was both easy and hard. Easy, because I immediately knew who would be best for Sophie: the lovely Lily Collins.

Image courtesy of IMDB. I was very impressed with Lily in the recent Mortal Instruments film, and she’s an absolute stunner, which perfectly suits Sophie (once she gets some of that Persephone magic back, of course).

With that sorted, however, it was time for the more difficult task of casting Kai. Difficult, because he needs to be a right looker too, and personally I’m quite picky about my men. From the book Kai sounds like the absolute perfect man to me in looks – dark hair, dark eyes, sexy grin – but to find a real-life man to match that? Not so easy.

So, to overcome this terrible problem I have selflessly spent several hours trawling the internet for pictures of handsome actors, scrutinising them for suitability. Zac Efron perhaps?

Well, in that picture maybe, but in most others I’ve found he’s too blond, and he just misses that… je ne sais quois. (Image courtesy of

What about Ben Barnes? I quite liked him in the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian:

He does long hair very well, but while he’s very good-looking, I think he’s more cute than sexy, and I’m not sure he could really pull of smouldering. (Image courtesy of

Let’s see, maybe Emile Hirsch would work?

Good job with the leather jacket, but I think overall he has too much of a Leonardo diCaprio vibe to him, so no. (Image courtesy of Men’s Journal.)

And whaddaya know, eventually I ended up with City of Bones again. No, not Jamie Campbell Bower, he really wasn’t my type. No, looks-wise I was more impressed with Alec, so my final choice to play Kai is Kevin Zegers:

Just look at that almost-grin! That lovely dark hair! That strong jaw! Those cheekbones! I think that’s a bit of an old photo really, but his expression is just perfect. Okay, his eyes are too light, but that’s nothing a pair of contact lenses can’t solve.

So there you have it: Lily Collins and Kevin Zegers. Start filming already.

Oh, and for those of you interested in what other tattoos people came up with last week, go and have a look at Tellulah’s post on the matter.

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