Sassy Girl Swoony God Challenge #3

Well, if I thought last week’s challenge was outside of my comfort zone, this week I’ve had to dust off my very, very rusty art & design skills…

The challenge this week is to design a tattoo for Kai, which really is easier said than done. I’m not very designery at the best of times, so to come up with something that fits the son of a god? Yeah, not my strong point.

In the end I went with some vague symbolism. One of Persephone’s symbols is the wheatsheaf (which has the added bonus of being pretty easy to draw!), so I started off with that. Kai was a lot harder, since he doesn’t actually exist in Greek mythology. Or at least not according to Wikipedia, and as I said before, we all know Wiki is right about everything! *cough*

Anyway, the one thing people tend to mainly associate with the Greek underworld is Cerberus, its three-headed dog. Doing a Google image search on Cerberus brings up some pretty ferocious pictures, so as symbolism goes I figured a fierce, three-headed dog would suit Kai pretty well. But then Kai has a hidden soft side to him (maybe even fluffy?), so I came up with the idea of having a three-headed dog curled protectively around a wheatsheaf. Add in the letter kappa for Kai and the letter pi for Persephone, and the image is complete:


(Image courtesy of me, drawn in charcoal. Probably should wash the coal dust off my hands now…)

Of course, this isn’t a tattoo he’d display to just everyone, since it shows off his secret fluffy side, so I imagine he’s got it tattooed in a spot that’s not easily accessed. His upper thigh, maybe, or even his butt-cheek.

I’m imagining this really, really intensely, by the way.

Oh, and if you’re interested in last week’s results, Tellulah’s post is here.


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