Sassy Girl Swoony God Challenge #2

It’s Monday again, so here is challenge number two for the SGSG Tourney:

The challenge this week is to make a playlist that Sophie might make for Kai. I did originally think that I might have to postpone this post to tomorrow, but it’s amazing how stimulating cooking a meal can be to the wandering mind. (Grilled salmon, carrots and fried baby potatoes, in case you’re interested.) Tellulah’s post about it is here, and it includes a slideshow with all the entries from last week’s challenge.

Now, I’m going to ask everyone to suspend their disbelief a little and bear with me. I enjoy listening to music a lot, and when I was a teenager I always used to have MTV on in the background. However, it’s a long, long time since I was sixteen, and even then my taste in music mirrored that of my much older brother. These days I listen to old favourites, and I don’t know my One Direction from my Westlife, nor my Jessie J from my Lady GaGa. In other words, in order to believe that this playlist was created by a sixteen-year-old, you’ll have to imagine one of two things:

1) My Ex from Hell actually takes place in the eighties rather than around now, or

2) Sophie listens to a lot of seventies/eighties music.

With that out of the way, I’ve chosen six songs, and I’ve tried to put them into some sort of logical order that mirrors the book.

First up, Bat out of Hell by Meat Loaf. Not so much for the lyrics, but more as a tongue-in-cheek reference to where Kai comes from. Plus, it’s rather a classic really. I was considering Hot Summer Night for a moment, but it wasn’t as appropriate, because the book takes place in late autumn, and the setting of the song probably (hopefully) will more reflect the circumstances of Sophie and Kai’s ultimate plan.

The second song I chose is Head over Heels by Tears for Fears, because I think the chorus pretty much describes what happens to Sophie the first time Kai kisses her: something happens and I’m head over heels. Plus it has that melancholy, frustrating note to it with the don’t take my heart, don’t break my heart, don’t throw it away.

The third song, and the third stage in their relationship, is Can’t Get You out of My Head by Kylie Minogue. This goes for Kai as much as for Sophie, of course, but it’s absolutely true.

At this point the frustration hits. Sophie is a Goddess, sure, but she’s also your average sixteen-year-old girl, so the fourth song I picked is Just a Girl by No Doubt. Especially the heartfelt I’ve had it up to here! of the chorus.

Song five is related to this – she’s being pulled every which way, with everyone trying to tell her what to do. Sophie’s frustration at this part of her situation is nicely summed up by It’s My Life by Talk Talk, with another very apt chorus in It’s my life, don’t you forget!

And the last song I picked is an old, old classic, which would reveal just how much Kai can really affect Sophie: Cry by Godley and Creme. (That video was the height of trickery at the time, too! It’s a bit freaky.) Because really, what more can you say than you make me wanna cry?

And just for the heck of it I’ll throw in a bonus seventh song, which Sophie might or might not include, depending on how brave she felt. It’s the song I had played when I walked down the aisle at my own wedding, and it’s Do You Love Me? by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Nick is a bit of an acquired taste, I think; I always think of him as the Neil Gaiman of music. A bit off-kilter, a bit weird and a bit off-key, but utterly brilliant.

So there you have it, my playlist from Sophie to Kai. Gosh, this has made me remember the mix tapes my ex-boyfriend used to make for me, back in the day…


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