Sassy Girl Swoony God Challenge #1

Well, I’ve just had my first challenge for the SGSG Tourney, and it’s right here:

If you don’t have the time to watch that, the challenge is to decide what tropical island Persephone was on when Kai first kidnapped her, then to post a photo of it. Further details can also be found on Tellulah Darling’s website, in this post right here.

To give a bit of background, in My Ex from Hell Sophie Bloom finds out that she’s not just a regular sixteen-year-old, but that she is in fact Persephone, the Greek Goddess of spring and daughter of chief God Zeus. Hades wanted to abduct her to score a point in the ongoing war between him and Zeus, and sent his son Kyrillos (aka Kai) to do the deed. What he hadn’t counted on was Kai and Persephone falling in love and subsequently thinking up a plan to stop the destructive war between the two Gods altogether. (You can find my review of it here.)

The above challenge refers to the moment when Kai and Persephone first meet, and the place is described thus: “The air was perfumed with grass and a bouquet of floral aromas which should have been cloying but instead seemed to fuel me. I dug my toes into the cool earth. Because I actually was on earth. Somewhere tropical and lush. There was an almost overpowering scent of jasmine.”

So we want an island with flowers and especially jasmine. Well, quite frankly that could be any tropical island, because jasmine appears to grow pretty much anywhere, though it is most diverse in southeast Asia (according to Wikipedia, and we all know Wikipedia never lies).

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that my knowledge of tropical islands is sadly lacking. If only I were rich, then I could spend a few days researching this very matter. Should I pick the Maldives? Hawaii maybe? What about Bali or one of the smaller Indonesian islands? But wait, Persephone knew she was being hunted, so she was very careful. She would have picked something remote, right?

So I picked Tahiti, because it’s pretty damn remote, as the screenshot from Google maps below clearly shows:


(That’s official Google map info, that.)

So then all that’s left is to find a photo of Tahiti, and boy did I find a good one! Sure, tropical island, flowers, yada yada, this is an island where a God went to kidnap a Goddess! There’s no mention of Kai being wet when he arrived, but it could have looked like this, right? Right?

Well, if it didn’t, it should have. Image courtesy of

So there you have it, my choice is Tahiti, with some lovely half-naked Tahitian man thrown in as a bonus.


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