An apology

…For yesterday’s rather terse and very definitely rushed post. The truth of the matter is that it was a bank holiday here in Britain, and I blissfully whiled away my afternoon playing Civilization 5, completely forgetting that we’d planned to go to the cinema in the evening (which is when I usually knock together my posts).

Had I not done the above, I might have found some more brilliant or dire metaphors to share with you. I might have concocted any number of colourful euphemisms for things one does not normally speak of in mixed company. I might have indulged my husband and listed a number of increasingly dreadful penis/vagina combinations to use in imaginary romance novels. You know, such as ‘he pistoned his purple throbbing love truncheon into her lubricated cave of carnal delight’.

Alas, it was not to be. I had an afternoon of fun being Suleiman of the Turks and beating the shit out of Constantinople (which was part of the Byzantine empire, I just realised. I guess it wasn’t Turkish back then. Whatever, history has never been my strongest point). I then had an evening of fun watching City of Bones. At the risk of sounding hipster, I remember Cassandra Clare (Cassieclare) from back when she was still blogging the Very Secret Diaries on Livejournal and sharing her rather awesome Harry Potter fanfic, so it’s nice to see her doing so well for herself.

Observations from the film (and random musings afterwards):

– Woo, that’s Cersei Lannister playing Clary’s mum! (Lena Headey)

– Lily Collins who plays Clary actually looks like she’s Lena Headey’s daughter. She isn’t, she’s Phil Collins’ daughter.

– Damn, she’s pretty.

– Recognised Aidan Turner’s name in the cast list – that’s Kili from The Hobbit, who looks disturbingly sexy for a dwarf. Totally didn’t recognise him in the film.

– Damn, the guy playing Magnus Bane is hot! (Godfrey Gao)

– Hey, that’s Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes!

– I forgot Alec is gay and totally in love with Jace!

– Why couldn’t this have become as popular as Twilight did? At least these vampires don’t sparkle and can’t go out in the sun like proper vampires, the heroine isn’t a useless whiny bitch and it’s got gay people. Downside: Cassie has this thing for blondes, so Jace is rather meh.

Apparently it’s been slated quite badly in the reviews, but I rather liked it.


8 thoughts on “An apology

    1. Erica Dakin Post author

      Heh, thanks. I’m really getting into the scenarios in Civ 5 right now, and it’s rather fun to be assigned a random leader to play.
      Fun fact: all spoken language when you meet other leaders appears entirely genuine as far as I can judge it. The Dutch one has definitely been done by a native speaker.

  1. H. Anthe Davis

    Aaaaand now I have ‘Istanbul Not Constantinople’ by They Might Be Giants running through my head. Thank you.

    I didn’t know it was that same Cassie Clare! I should…probably read the books then… *eyes huge pile of books already to read*

    1. Erica Dakin Post author

      It’s years since I read it, and I remember liking it, but not as much as I was expecting to. Which is maybe why I never went on to City of Ashes, even though it’s ready and waiting on my bookshelf.
      That said, it could also be because it’s very firmly YA (which I’m in general a bit meh about) and it’s got a love triangle, which I hate with a passion.

  2. tktrian

    Never heard of City of Bones before this! Sounds interesting…
    Unfortunately interesting, original, non-sparkly, non-whiny stuff rarely becomes as big as Twilight. Unless it has a lot of naked women (ASOIAF, anyone?).


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