Some announcements

Just to give everyone a heads up on what I have planned for the not too distant future.

To start with, fellow blogger Rosie Amber will have a Romance theme on her blog throughout September, appropriately called Romancing September. I will be one of the featured authors (and will ofcourse re-blog my entry once it’s up), but do check out her blog throughout September if you’re a Romance reader.

Secondly, I’m quite excited that Tellulah Darling has picked me as one of the lucky people to enter the Sassy Girl Swoony God Tourney for the upcoming release of My Date from Hell, the sequel to My Ex from Hell. This means I get an early copy of the book to review, which I’m really looking forward to!

Thirdly, I’m planning to do the 30-day book challenge, but I’m doing it my own way. This means that I’m not doing it on 30 consecutive days, nor am I actually doing 30 days. I’ve come across two versions of this challenge, with some overlap in questions, but both versions have a number of questions I don’t like or would never be able to answer. So what I’m going to be doing is 25 ‘proper’ answers, and a further 11 questions where I will be explaining why I can’t or won’t answer them. I intend to expand each post into at least a treatise on the reason why I’ve picked that particular book, and where appropriate I’ll segue that into a post on a specific topic. This is all a bit tentative for now, but hopefully it’ll all work out.

This is the full list of questions:

1) Best book you’ve read in the past 12 months.

2) A book you’ve read more than three times.

3) Your favourite series.

4) The favourite book in your favourite series.

5) A book that made you cry.

6) The most overrated book you’ve ever read.

7) A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving.

8) Your favourite classic book.

9) A book you hated.

10) A favourite author.

11) Your favourite male character.

12) Your favourite female character.

13) Your favourite quote from a book.

14) A book that disappointed you.

15) Your favourite book to film adaptation.

16) The favourite book from your childhood.

17) An author I wish people would read more.

18) A book that changed your opinion on something.

19) Your favourite title.

20) A book series you wish had gone on longer.

21) Your favourite side character.

22) The most thought-provoking book you’ve ever read.

23) A book you wish you could live in.

24) The least favourite plot device used by way too many books you enjoyed otherwise.

25) An author you used to love but not anymore.

If anyone has any more suggestions for questions so I can actually make this up to a round 30 I will be very happy to hear them. However, please note the following 11 questions I will not answer, or at least not in the traditional sense: A book that makes you happy, The most underrated book you’ve ever read, A book everyone hated but you liked, The worst book to film adaptation, A book you’re embarrassed to admit having read, The most surprising plot twist or ending, A character you can relate to the most, A book you’ve wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t, A book you tell people you’ve read but haven’t, A book you couldn’t put down and Your favourite book of all time. I will explain (probably in some detail) why I will not answer those questions, but you’ll have to wait for that!


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