Computer says no…

I’m afraid there will be no usual scheduled post today. I was planning one, either on religion in fantasy or on strong women, but my computer is on the fritz and keeps blue-screening on me. This scares me, very much. I have contemplated doing something tonight that doesn’t involve my trusty desktop, and I went all twitchy. Sure, I could read a book, or watch a film, or play a game on the PS3, but those are things I normally do because I choose to, and I can go back to my computer any time I like. If my choice is taken away… *twitch*

WordPress does, of course, save your draft every twenty seconds or so, but if my computer keeps dying on me I’m also going to get angry, and if I get angry, neither religion nor strong women are a good topic, because I’ll get ranty. It is my intention to not get ranty. Not even about religion.

Anyway, my IT-savvy husband is going to try and fix the damn thing over the next few days (said he will have to test it to find out what the problem is. I believe the words ‘what did I marry you for?’ were used, but they didn’t help), so until then I’ll be around, but not up for major postage.


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