A game of numbers

Otherwise known as Hi, I’m back from holiday!

So, after my two week hiatus of near internetlessness, I was full of grand plans. I was going to do a big post on lots of stuff, start on book three properly, sort out a load of reviews, etc. etc. etc.

Except then Britain got its annual three days of summer. It’s been 27 degrees in the shade today (please don’t ask me what that is in Fahrenheit, no one in their right minds should still be using that scale), so what I’ve mostly been doing is sit in the shadow of my wisteria-covered pergola and read. What you’ll get instead is the above-mentioned game of numbers, so without further ado, here it is:

Days spent without checking the internet at all while on holiday: Seven. Then I cracked, and checked Amazon for the status of my book, and checked Goodreads for any more reviews. I know, I’m pathetic.

Total number of reviews/ratings added to my book while I was away: Three, I think. Maybe four. I got one full review from the lovely Buffy, one review I’ve been expecting and one one-star rating on Goodreads. Shame that one didn’t come with a review, I’d have been interested to see what they didn’t like.

Total number of people now requesting a copy of The Ritual in my Goodreads giveaway: 532. Holy crap.

Total number of books read while on holiday: You’d think this one would be easy, wouldn’t you? Hah! I say. Let’s see… I finished one I’d already started, so let’s say that’s half a book. Then I read eight new books, and re-read one I’d read before, a while ago. So that’s nine and a half. Plus I also finished reading my own book (and found two glaring errors, argh!), read through my old short story collection and the part of A Shire Romance that hasn’t been re-edited and published on here yet. So let’s call that another two. Lastly I started two others, but haven’t gone any further into either yet. I’ll call it half a book between the two of them. That gives a total of twelve books in fourteen days, which I don’t think is too bad going. Reviews of most of these will start appearing in due course on Silk Screen Views.

Disappointments upon my return home: Two. I’ve read two books which I really, really enjoyed, which promised me a sequel, and in both cases this sequel has not yet been published. Woe is me!

Reviews written while on holiday: Uh, seven, I think. Maybe nine. I’d have to check, but they’re on the laptop.

Ears I have (temporarily) lost the use of: One. Nothing serious, just an excess earwax problem, but I’ve been deaf in my right ear since Friday evening, and I’m incredibly annoyed about it.

Kitties hugged upon returning home: All four of them, with various degrees of cooperation on the cat’s part.

Tangles removed from cat’s fur: Two. Sif appears to be prone to massive tangling.

People required to do the above: Three. Me to hold the cat’s paws, my husband to hold the cat’s head and my mum to do the cutting. This does not bode well for the future.

Days before I have to go back to work: Zero. Bleh.

So there you have it. I may or may not do my usual Monday post tomorrow; this depends entirely upon the weather. Summer doesn’t happen often enough in this country to waste it when it appears.


6 thoughts on “A game of numbers

  1. J.A. Romano

    Welcome back! Funny enough, it’s 27 degrees today, as well. For some reason, I’ve been possessed to go out into the burning daylight and walk three kilometers to the nearest McDonalds. The sun makes people do crazy things. πŸ˜›


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