Going on holiday

For all you people who are waiting with bated breath for my next dosage of wisdom and witticism (hey, I can dream, right?), please note that I am going on holiday tomorrow. As I like my holidays primitive, this means I will be incommunicado for the next two weeks.

It’s probably just as well, because I’m getting a tad obsessed with my book sales. Yes, I’m actually selling books now! Only a few per day, but that’s way more than I was selling before, so I’m all excited about it! Bizarrely enough though, they’re virtually all on Amazon UK. I have no idea why, but I honest to god wish there was some way of finding out.

This is another reason why it’s probably best if I’m forced to step away from it for a few weeks.

Still, I have been proven right in my predictions! I’m selling books (though again, strangely enough it’s The Ritual I’m mostly selling), I’ve had my first two-star review (which basically boils down to ‘too much sex (and you didn’t warn me about it)’), and I’ve even sold books in Germany!

Anyway, for people who are afraid they won’t get their Shire Romance fix (again, I can dream), I have provided Silk Screen Views with enough drafts to keep them going until I come back. Until then, see you on the flipside.

Oh, and burglars: don’t even think about it. My parents are looking after the house (and the cats).


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