Guest Post by Erica Dakin: Writing in its purest form is…?

I did a guest post for the lovely Jian, a fellow aspiring writer. Please go check out his blog, he’s got some very interesting stuff on there!

Writer's Periodical

Today, I’m happy to present a guest post by my fellow writer, Erica Dakin, who took time to write this post detailing her thoughts on writing as an art. As some of you may know, I wrote a call for guest posts earlier and Erica was the first to take me up on my offer.

In this post, she explains what she thinks about writing as a whole more eloquently than I could have. So, I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed reading it. 

When I first read Jian’s post about writing as an art form it actually surprised me a little, because I’ve never thought of writing as art. At least not in the sense of what I think of when someone mentions the word ‘art’, which is paintings and sculptures and stuff like that. However, if it’s a question of a technical craft or…

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