Book cover 3 – Erica 1

But the three hits by the book cover were just skirmishes, the final battle was mine, muhaha!

What am I rambling about, you ask? Well, just the godawfully frustrating fight I’ve had with my paperback bookcover. I’ve published my paperback through Createspace, and while they have a number of options available for creating the cover, I wanted a full wraparound one, so commissioned my wonderful nephew to create it for me, since he’d done such a great job with the e-book cover. So far so good.

The ‘problem’ came when the proof arrived, and the colours turned out to be a little too dark for my liking. God knows why, because on the screen it looks pretty red, but the actual copy was so dark it was almost black.

Book cover 1 – Erica 0

I asked my nephew if he could fix it at all, and since he’s the clever one with the background in graphics design he reckoned it was just an RGB versus CMYK thing. He dutifully updated the cover, and because I am still as impatient as ever, I approved the blasted thing and ordered a few copies for a few friends. Then when they arrived the cover was still as dark as ever.

Book cover 2 – Erica 0

Still, the point was minor, so I let it go. The book was available, and I’d really only done it for the few people who’d expressed interest but didn’t have an e-reader.

And then, about a month later (!) I spotted the gigantic fucking mistake on the back. You see, the generic blurb I had for the book was a teensy bit too long to fit on the back cover, so I’d been tweaking the words. And what did I decide to do, in my infinite wisdom? I changed ‘brooding nature’ to ‘broodiness’.

Now why the hell did it take me nearly a fecking month to realise that those two things are very, very, very different? Goddammit, Zash is a moody bastard, he doesn’t want babies! He sits around glowering at people, he doesn’t coo over offspring!

How could I have made such a mistake? It was eating at me, it was keeping me up at night. (Well, okay, not really, but any time I did wake up at night I was thinking about it and kicking myself for it.) So I contacted my nephew again, who by now must be ready to kill me, and asked for another change. Oh, and lighten the cover while you’re at it please?

So what did I ask him to change it to? Yep, you guessed it, broody nature.

Book cover 3 – Erica 0

I unpublished my fucking paperback to put a new version on, which still tries to claim that my male lead wants babies. He doesn’t! He can’t even have babies! He broods, but not in the eggy sense of the word!

So after the latest grovelling request to my nephew I finally have a book cover that says Zash has a brooding nature, and I have finally been able to approve it again. Hopefully that’s now the last of it.

Book cover 3 – Erica 1

This ought to teach me not to be cocky, and not to be too impatient. And that even after nearly 14 years in Britain, there are still things about the English language that I really need to think through a bit better. Well done, Erica, way to make yourself look like a total idiot.

But at least it’s available for sale again!


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