Hello World…

Procrastination is a wonderful thing. There are many things I haven’t got done in my life due to procrastination. However, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and actually do something that’s been floating about in the back of your mind for days, weeks, months even, simply because you really, really want something, and procrastination just won’t do the trick.

So here it is. I have a book, and I want people to read it. In fact, I almost have two books, and I have a third one in my head. I want people to read those as well. While I’m at it, I might as well say that I’d quite like to be the new EL James, except with a trilogy that’s actually worth reading. Ambitious? Sure, but if I didn’t think my books were any good, I wouldn’t be putting them up for sale. I was out there pushing short stories on people ten years ago and they liked them, and what I have available now is much, much better than what I produced then, so why not?

Except how do you go about being the next massive hype? EL James did it by writing bad Twilight fanfiction, but quite frankly, I’m not prepared to suffer that badly for my art, so I’m going to have to do it some other way. And one of those other ways, I have been reliably informed by my sometimes rather naggy editor*, is by getting yourself out there, through blogs, forums, social media or any other friggin’ way people use to push their stuff down other people’s throats.

(*Hi Hillary! Read her blog, she’s awesome. She’s about to publish her first book, and it’s better than mine. http://warofmemory.wordpress.com/ Careful though, because that’s got spoilery stuff galore.)

The problem is, I’m not a social person. I’m not a people person. I’m fine with most people I know, like work colleagues and suchlike, but put me in a room full of strangers and I’ll be the quiet one in the corner that no one talks to all night. Big groups of people irritate me, and shopping trips into town on a Saturday afternoon make me contemplate mass murder. No, I’m not much of a shopper either, which probably doesn’t help, come to think of it. So throwing myself out there on writers’ forums to go and talk to complete strangers fills me with the kind of dread that most people tend to reserve for the dentist or other professional torturers. Add to that the fact that I’d feel like a kind of wolf in sheep’s clothing, infiltrating the unsuspecting masses to shove my book down their throat at the first opportunity, and you may understand that I’m just a teensy bit uneasy about promoting myself on forums. (Hi, you don’t know me, but read my book! Bye!)

Social media is a little easier, since I already have a Facebook account, but after three posts of ‘Hi guys, read/buy my book, tell your friends!’ I get that uneasy feeling again, this time for spamming my friends’ walls to get some free advertising. Soon there will be a feeling of ‘oh, not her again with her bloody book’, and then I’ll get the opposite effect, which isn’t the intention either.

I could open a Twitter account, but that fills me with even more dread than the dentist does.

So, to cut a long story short, I finally stopped procrastinating and started a blog, and here it is. Clever people will point out that I will still need to get that out there and into people’s attention, but hey, one step at a time. I’m rather hoping that I’ll nudge a few people towards it (Hi, you do know me, read my blog!) and they’ll be so floored by my deep philosophical insights and lightning wit that they start badgering their friends to read it all by themselves.

Hey, I can hope.

So, here’s the deal. I am going to fill this blog with anything I can think of, but I will try to keep it at least vaguely related to the fact that I have spent the past year and a half or so neglecting many social activities to write a book or two. If this interests you – awesome! Pull up a (computer) chair and come take a look inside my head. It’s a scary place sometimes, but I guess that’s the case for many people. (I hope. It is, right? Right??) While you’re here, tell your friends, and tell them to tell their friends as well. I’m going to try and post something new around once a week, and hopefully it’ll entertain people.

Comment if you want, ask me questions, talk to me, suggest things, I’m open to anything. I might not listen, but that’s because I’m a stubborn cow and I often think I know better. For now I’ll just sit here and bask in any attention anyone is willing to give me.

Tune in next week for a profound, soul-searching trip down memory lane where I will regale the many-faceted story of how I began my writing career, and how I got to the point where I am now. Maybe. I might change my mind yet.


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